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The Real Estate Agent
The Brokerage
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Article 703. Concept

That who promised a fee to someone (real estate agent) for the interseccion or the chance proposal for the contract synapses, has obligation to pay only if the contract constitute as effect of that interseccion or proposals. If it constituted pre-contract but the definited contract aborted, it is owned only the half amount.
For his expenses the realestate agent has requirements, only if their payment has been agreeded. In that case the expenses have to even if the contract aborted.

Article 704.

If the contract constituted with a dilatory heresys, the real estate fee debilitated, if the heresys paid.
If the contract constituted with solvent heresys, the real estate fee debilitated just when the heresys get paid.

Article 705.

Fee obtained that was agreeded secretive, if the intercession or the proposal on the usual circumstances becomes only with a fee or if it assigned to a professional Real Estate Agent. If the real estate fee does not have been defined, it is owned the fee that stands on the valorization and, if it is not a valorization then the fee that is it used in the area.

Article 706.

The Real Estate Agent has no authority to fee or to expenses, if in reverse with the contract content, worked and for the other contracted. The same stands if the real estate agent accepted from the other a fee promise under opposite circumstances to the good faith.

Article 707. Overmuch fee.

If the agreeded real estate fee is disproportional high, it falls off from the court with the debt application, in a proper price.

Article 708. Bridals matchmaking.

The bridals matchmaking promise is invalid, and those that are already given are detected.

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