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The Real Estate Agent
About the Agent
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Real Estate Agent, is the physical person or the commercial company any type that intermediates for the synapses sales contract or exchange, or rental, or quid pro quo or indicates the chance for synapses such contracts.

Real Estate Agent Duties

1. His active participating in the whole procedure of the purchase.

2. To provide information, advantages and disadvantages, about the realty. The real estate agent hasn't got the obligation of giving advices.

3. The keeping duty of reability, trust and confidence.

4. To provide every easement for the purchase

5. The negatiation forbiddance with any other interested buyer.


Offering Assignment
This assigment is signed from the owner of the realty for sale.
It reports the owner data or the contractor for sale, the realty data and a defined time space validness of the assignment.
The assignment can be oral, by phone, by e-mail or written. Only the written offering assignment ensures the real estate fee.
Ideal assignment for the real estate profession is the exclusive offering assignment. As well this assignment must define a validness specific time space, more than a usually offering assignment.
ATTENTION to the exclusively offering assigments limitless duration.

Proposal Assigment
This assignment is signed from the candidate realty buyer. It reports the buyer's data and the realties data that have been shown to the buyer. The proposal assigment ensures the real estate fee.

Private Deal Agreement
The private deal assignmet is a preliminaty agreement of the contract. It secures the deal. It is signed from the owner of the realty, the candidate buyer and from the real estate agent.
With the agreement signal is payed a deposit, according to the law suggested fees, as a binder for the purchase.
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