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Building Licenses
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We undertake all the actions that are needed for the publication of building authorisations on all the following cases.

Building ' Authorisations
for the implementation of any work of layout, inside ' except settlement, is required building authorisation of responsible urban service. Such work is same the excavations - embankments, the construction - the installation of coats, the repair - arrangement - demolition of buildings and their anneces. The building authorisation of building or installation is considered that it includes the configuration of soil, the necessary excavations for the foundation of building or installation, as well as the manufacture of fences, cesspools and underground reservoirs of waters.
for internal or exterior colorations when you do not become use of coats, for small internal repairs or adaptations that are not offended the fe'roysa faculty of building or his appearance, for repairs of flooring, installations and conductors, for mjkroepjskeye's doors-window, roofs.
a) for demolition of manufactures or buildings that are characterized dangerously etojmo'rropa
v) for the application of metres of safety that is determined by the urban service, in buildings or manufactures that have been characterized dangerous.
c) for the demolition or re-establishment of manufactures that has been judged finally arbitrary.


Supporting documents of publication of building authorisation:
1. Application.
2. Topographic diagram and diagram of cover.
3. Complete architectural study.
4. Complete static study.
5. Study of heat insulation.
6. Study of installation of gas, where it needs.
7. Study of hydraulic installations and sewerages, where it is required (above 2 floors and 1.500 t.m.).
8. Studies of electromechanical installations, where they are required (a'nw 3.000t.m.).
9. Approvals of other services, where they are required at the current provisions.
10. Budget of work, statements of entrustings of studies and supervisions in private individuals mechanic and proofs of prokata'cesis of wage of engineers in the National Bank Greece.
11. For plots and grounds even, at deviation, need title of property and certificate of property.
12. Also approvals of committee urban and architectural control and approvals of E.O.T., where it needs.
13. For except drawing authorisations, are required moreover, certificate of property and approval by the forest inspection.

1. Control of observation the general and special urban provisions and the specifications, that it concerns the architectural study.
2. Control of static studies according to the specifications and the regulations.
3. Control of heat insulation and installations.
4. Control tax and their payment, that becomes with the corresponding notes of payment of taxes and contributions (advance J.K.A., in favour municipality, T.S.M.E.D.E. etc).

Time of publication, inside 20 days, with the condition that is complete the file of study.

Cost Wage of private individuals of all engineers for the on part studies and supervisions (architectural, statics, heat insulation etc), taxes and contributions.

Duration of force, the building authorisations are in effect for one four-year period and the authorisations of demolition for one half-year period.

The control of building authorisation, for the application of approved drawings, after application of interested citizen, becomes from employees of service in 2 stages. The first stage when have become the fe'rwn organism (skeleton) and the organism of fulfillment (bricks) and the second stage when is completed the building. It follows regard of building authorisation in order to can the citizen connect his building with networks NATIONAL ELECTRICAL COMPANY and WATER COMPANY OF ATHENS AND PIREAUS. With statement of private individual of engineer is considered the authorisation for connection. The citizen with his relative application can take copy of building authorisation and anyone from the approved drawings and documents of file of economic authorisation.

Taxes of building authorisations, the taxes of building authorisations are imposed depending on the conventional budget of work.

Reservations that are overwhelmed:
2. In favour the KI/1947 of resolution vary'nontaj building work of budget a'nw the 20.000 Drs.
3. In favour the municipality in which is erected the building.
4. In favour TEE.
5. In favour TSMEDE ktl

Additional elements for special buildings

Pe'ran the mentioned before supporting documents and with regard to the publication empty nja special buildings are required the following additional elements, proportionally the use of building:

Buildings of cinemas and theatres: approved drawings from the committee of safety of cinemas as well as authorisation of installation by the responsible at the law service,
Buildings of stations of cars: approvals by the responsible address of transports of ministry of Transports, from the ministry of Industry for by any chance existing industrial installation and approval of address of settlement for by any chance urban deviations,
Buildings industrial and craft-based: approval of ministry of Industry with regard to additions in factories, decision of general management of civil defence on the manufacture or not shelter and approval of address of settlement for by any chance urban deviations,
Buildings of aviaries, stables, cowhouses and resembling installations: approval of ministry of Health with regard of topographic diagram and are observed the forecasted distances from lived regions,
Buildings of hospitals, clinics: approvals of ministry of Health,
Athletic installations: is required the conform opinion of General Secretariat of Sports,
Buildings of schools etc: approval of ministry of Education and address of settlement with regard to deviations,
Buildings of hotels, xenw'nwn, motel etc: approval of GREEK TOURISTIC ORGANISATION and address of settlement with regard to deviations,
Buildings in prosfygjkoy's settlements: approval of ministry of Social Services, which will be accompanied from parahwriti'rjo.

Regarding the construction of buildings in spaces buildable which, however have been characterized for other aim, front it is granted the authorisation will be asked the corresponding institution of plot, which inside regular deadline will be supposed apallotrjw'sej the space, otherwise will be granted the authorisation.
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