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Factual Authorities
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The real rights are the legal forms of exoysj'asis of person on the economic goods, that is to say the rights that at code (A.K. 973) provide power direct and at panto's on the thing.

Real rights are the property, the works, the pawn and the mortgage.

(complete property): it is direct, catholic and absolute power of person above in the thing.

It is the real right epjkarpwti' in foreigner thing him to use and him to reap the fruits of maintaining however his substance.
The usufruct if it were not fixed differently is ametavj'vasti. Is however possible the transfer of exercise of right of usufruct for time where it cannot exceed the time interval of force of this (A.K. 1166).

It is the real and exclusive right of beneficiary to use as residence foreigner building or apartment (A.K. 1183). this right he is immutable and aposvi'netaj with the death of beneficiary.

Bjli' Property
It is the real right that remains when the complete property has been deprived (apobjlwcej') the real right of usufruct, that is to say use and ka'rpwsis of thing and consequently has been limited only in his power of disposal.

Real works
Real work at the article 11.18 A.K. is the limited real right on real estate that is recommended for the service of needs of other real estate providing utility in the each gentleman of this.
The real estate in favour which is recommended the work is called dominating, while that to weight which was recommended the work of, working.

Limited personal works
Limited personal work is the real right on foreigner real estate that is recommended in favour a concrete person providing in this some power or usefulness.

It is the natural power of person on the thing which is practised with intellect of gentleman (A.K. 974).

It is the real right in foreigner mobile thing, that provides in the pawnbroker of lender the power is satisfied preferentially by the value of this (A.K. 1209).
The pawn can be also recommended on ideal share of thing or with convention or from the law.

It is the real right in foreigner (as for the lender) real estate for guarantee of certain requirement with preferential satisfaction of lender from real estate (A.K. 1257-1345).
For the acquisition of mortgage is required title that would grant right for mortgage and registration in the book of mortgages.

Obligatory expropriation
It is the abstraction of property of person with unilateral action of administrative Beginning, against payment of juridicially determined compensation for public utility that is forecasted by the law.
The declaration of obligatory expropriation constitutes individual administrative act, becomes usually with common decision of responsible (depending on the aim of expropriation) Minister and the Minister of Finances and befalls from the publication of decision in the Newspaper of Ky - verni'sews.
The consummation of expropriation befalls from tinkatavoli' in the beneficiary of compensation that was determined with juridicial decision or fraud publication in the Newspaper of Government of deposit of compensation in the Fund of Deposits and Loans.

Obligatory Prosky'rwsi
It is the handing-over of property of real estate with unilateral action of Administration. The prosky'rwsi is original tro' of - pos possession of property, because with ayti'n.i the responsible administrative Beginning removes with action of public right the property of real estate from a householder and him grants in the other.

Horizontal Property
Horizontal property or orofoktisj'a is the separate exclusive and independent property on floor of building or apartment of floor, with certain rate of obligatory co-ownership in the ground and the common and indivisible parts of building.

Vertical Property
Vertical property or co-ownership is separate (djirime'ni, exclusive) property of building that is built with other or other in the same plot, combined with co-ownership in this plot as well as in the common parts of buildings and with society of beneficiaries of individual vertical properties.

It is the possessed extent of ground that constitutes self-existent and single real estate and belongs in one or in more gentlemen from indivisible.

It is each ground that is found in in the approved rymotomjko' drawing or means in the limits of settlement without egkekrjmme'no drawing.
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